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Diplomacy; The Subtle Art of Co-existence in an Ever-Changing World

Initially, during the enrollment in the Diploma in Diplomacy and World Affairs course, I viewed this programme as a bridge to the amazing world we live in, where I could expand my contours on global affairs. Day by day, and session by session, through the eminent knowledge and experience that this course gifted, I now view this programme as a mentor for existence, cooperation and understanding in the ever-fluctuating globe. Moving back to the very first day of lectures at the Bandaranaike International Diplomatic Training Institute (BIDTI), I recall how elated and excited I was to participate for the session. I remember the very first glance through the course guide; it comprised of substantive and pragmatic modules related to diplomacy, and the separate module on International Law captured utmost interest since my career was based on law. Starting from the initial day of commencement of lectures, the BIDTI ensured that the lectures were conducted by experienced Diplomats which include
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Diploma in Diplomacy and World Affairs – An Experience like no other

In a rapidly evolving world in which major new developments take place in the blink of an eye, a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the international arena is immensely beneficial for all individuals. Following the Diploma in Diplomacy and World Affairs offered by the Bandaranaike International Diplomatic Training Institute (BIDTI) is the ideal opportunity for any individual to gain extensive knowledge about the field of international relations. When I first set foot in the BIDTI, I was a little fledgling who had just left school and was still months away from starting university. The knowledge I had pertaining to the field of diplomacy was practically non-existent. Fortunately, we were blessed with an extremely conscientious panel of lecturers who were well-aware of the fact that they were catering to a diverse group of students from different educational and professional backgrounds. Starting at the very basics of diplomacy, we went on to explore more complex realms li

BIDTI – ‘A Truly Remarkable Experience’

Does it make sense to talk about warfare without the understanding of multilateral relations among states? What about the association that impacts peacebuilding through public diplomacy? These topics have created an endless fascination in me since my high school days of Model UN to representing my university at the National UN, New York and the Harvard UN, Rome leading me to a keen interest in what revolves around us through questioning the linkage between a vast majority of subjects. There was a great force in me to pursue the understanding of how these topics affect our nation and the history that lies upon it. With my desire to pursue a career in the Sri Lankan foreign service I came across BIDTI that offered the course I longed for. It had an exemplary structure of topics that covered a wide variety of understanding. As eager as I was, I would turn up early to grab a front row seat. It was exciting and I was amazed by the diverse group of colleagues (friends) I met that had similar

Diploma in Diplomacy & World Affairs - A Must for Everyone!

  Growing up in India, the subjects of History and Geography and how they influenced International Relations always fascinated me. Though circumstances made me a banker, my passions always lay with the world of Diplomacy. In January 2019, my husband’s posting brought me to Sri Lanka. Within weeks of arriving, at a diplomatic event at the Indian High Commission, I was suggested to explore the ‘Diploma in Diplomacy and World Affairs’ course at BIDTI. The following day, I walked into the offices at BIDTI to find out more. When I went through the curriculum, I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. A course offered by Oxford University UK which I had dreams of pursuing but was out of my reach was being offered right here in Colombo! This was a dream come true! I still recollect the skepticism I felt when signing up for this Diploma, reminded of the fact neither did I have a background in the subject nor was I a Sri Lankan citizen. All my hesitations were simply met with a welcoming smile by the

Learning experience to change your path and set forth for an unforgettable exposure

Thirst for knowledge, learning, exploring diversified fields and thirst for the exposure in different arenas led me seek my passion towards exploring a completely new field which broadened my horizons and line of thinking. I still remember the day I came across the advert for the Diploma in Diplomacy and World Affairs offered by the renowned institute of Bandaranaike International Diplomatic Training Institute (BIDTI) and was eagerly waiting for the course to commence. After going through the names of lecturers and the core modules entailed in the Diploma I knew beforehand that this journey towards learning the integrities and core concepts of becoming a Diplomat and exploring this new aspect will be a remarkable experience. Being a student of BIDTI gave me that very reason to grow my enthusiasm and venture into the world of Diplomacy which entailed a wide scope on International Law, World Economics, International Relations, Geo-Political studies of Sri Lanka and other interesting subj