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Diploma in Diplomacy and World Affairs conducted by the BIDTI is a huge success

Few years back, any enterprising or catastrophic event in any part of the world would not bother our day to day lifestyle. However in present time, even a chicken suffering from mild fever in a remote village of Africa or a casual statement from any individual thousands of miles away from us, effects our life, our choices, our decisions, shapes our opinions and the way we perceive our surroundings. The globalized world and the advances in information technology has made our lives much more informed than ever before. However despite of the all the information at our disposal, our understanding of the world around us is still very limited. The reason lies in our inability to determine the adequacy of information and ply it with diplomatic and leadership skills in one’s favor. One of the persuasive reasons behind studying diplomacy and world affairs in today’s time is, that knowingly or unknowingly we all practice it and get influenced by it.     As a practitioner of internatio