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Importance of Diplomacy

In the present-day context, it is pretty much impossible for someone to live in complete isolation. The advancements in technology, specially that to the information and communications field has had remarkable impact on human networks and connectivity. The formidable geographical barriers of the world have largely been bridged as a result of such technology to a point where everything is just a few words and click away. It is something that you and I witness everyday when we use online social network platforms. In such a context, the importance of physical presence has somewhat diminished. You might be far away from the audience or issue you address. Whether on your computer well settled at home or on your phone on the way to or from work, the words you utter, have so much more meaning and impact in the present-day context. So much so, it might even have an impact on a global scale. It can be that you may not even realize that you are having such an impact. Individualism has