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Exploring and dissecting the World around us: how the BIDTI leads the way

As an island caught in the cusp of global geopolitical change, the import ascribed to Sri Lanka and its foreign policy has markedly increased. A re-emerging ‘Asian Century’ bodes great benefits and challenges to all Sri Lankans and effectively harnessing this shift will assist us in reaching our collective goals and aspirations in the coming decades.   To not just comprehend, but to also make full use of this systemic power shift requires a clear understanding of international relations and its related dynamics. The North Korean nuclear dilemma, the purported rise of revisionist powers, the global economic recession, piracy in the Indian Ocean and terrorist attacks from Europe to South East Asia dominate the headlines of mainstream media today. All of us develop our own estimations and opinions concerning these problems as well as the impacts they may have on us as a nation. But how can we improve our awareness and apprehension of these topics? What avenues do Sri Lankans hav